Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Smurfs 3 Movie

Smurfs 3 MovieThe Smurfs 2, the first sequel to The Smurfs, won't be released before summer 2013. But Sony Pictures Animation is already planning yet another sequel. Wondering why they're so eager? Well, the first Smurfs movie grossed $563 million worldwide for a budget at $110 million: yep, they made a smurfy profit! So they're definitely set to develop The Smurfs 3.

Scriptwriters Karey Kirkpatrick and Chris Poche have been hired to pen a new bold adventure for the little blue critters. The plot of The Smurfs 3 hasn't been revealed yet. The new sequel, like the previous films, will mix live-action and CG animation.

Since the Smurfs 2 will hit theaters in Summer 2013, I guess the Smurfs 3 will be released either in the second half of 2014 or more likely sometime in 2015.

Here's the trailer of the first Smurfs movie:


Do you have any suggestion regarding the plot of The Smurfs 3? Share your thoughts below, if lucky someone from Sony may drop by and submit your idea to the team working on the film.

Anyway, more information about the Smurfs 3 movie as soon as details emerge!